For dodgers: how to cheat online games

Cheat is a special code that is entered into the game’s program to get all sorts of benefits for your character: from useful things and money, to resistance to damage, and up to immortality. Cheats are used not only to easily win, but often because of money. Items received in the game, weapons and other bonuses can be sold to players for real money.

Initially, cheats were used by developers to test the game. They were built into the game itself. In online games, of course, there are no built-in cheats. But for almost any existing online game enthusiasts have created cheats in the form of separate applications. Therefore, the answer to the question “how to cheat online games” is quite simple. You need to find a cheat for the game you need and download it. Cheats can be both paid and free. Free, of course, are worse.

Cheats screen

As a rule, cheats make changes to the running game client. Sometimes, changes are made directly to the client files on the disk.

There are several types of cheats. One of them is bot that can control the character offline, automating routine activities. It seems that there is nothing terrible in such bots. Actually there is. If a gamer is sleeping, and his character meanwhile is killing lambs on the field in automatic mode, getting a gaming experience, other players will be upset by this state of affairs. Some of these bots allow you to write entire scripts to control the character. Here, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the creators of the bot.


Here are some cheats that are used in action games.

Extrasensory perception – a kind of codes that can display additional information about opponents in the game. The game client knows about the location of all the enemies in a certain radius from you, even if they are behind the wall and they are not visible. Aimbot is used for automatic aiming. You just run and pull the trigger, bullets in any case will fall into the nearest enemy. You can even choose the part of the body that you want to hit. Autoshot provides an automatic shot at the moment when the enemy is in sight.

After you receive the cheat you need, do not rush to use it. Caution is important here. Try to apply it gradually, without standing out from the crowd of other players. Sudden character enhancement may look suspicious.


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