GTA San Andreas game cheat codes for a fast replay

Just imagine that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is almost 14 years old now. I bet you still have a feeling that the train pursuit on the dirt bike with Big Smoke was yesterday. And that is because at its time it was one of the coolest games on the market.

Rockstar Games really set the bar high with its 7th GTA game in the series. Adding new abilities like swimming, climbing and hiding behind obstacles on a giant mapwas revolutionary for 2000’s. The game also had a new RPG element with stats that could be upgraded, built-in mini-games and more customization.

To cheat or not to cheat

If you want to bring those sweet memories back without spending over 20 hours on gameplay, feel free to use GTA San Andreas game cheat codesthat we prepared in this article. You can experience CJ’s story in an easy way without worrying about weapons or grind to increase your stats.

And if you already explored the game and want to just have fun, cheats are what you need. Using cheats is easy if you play on PC or Mac. You just need to type a code on the keyboard and if you did it right the “cheat code activated” caption will pop-up. It does not matter whether you type in lower or uppercase letters.

Arm yourself

Thug life in San Andreas is tough so you should arm yourself properly. If you want to shot enemies faster and try all variety of weapons, use these cheat codes.

GTA San Andreas game

Type THUGSARMOURY or LXGIWYL for a pack of thug guns. This includes an RPG rocket launcher, baseball bat, Micro SMG, rifle, brass knuckles, 9mm handgun, and Kalashnikov. It also has a can of spray-paint that you can use for graffiti.

You can use PROFESSIONALSKIT or KJKSZPJ to get more sophisticated weapons like a sawn-off shotgun, knife, M4 carbine, desert eagle, grenades, TEC 9 and the freaking flamethrower. You will also get a fire extinguisher to undo the part of the damage.

The third weapon kit type UZUMYMW is called “Nutter Tools”, which is an accurate description and consists of a chainsaw, SPAS 12, silenced 9mm, satchel bomb, MP5, sniper rifle and the heat-seeking rocket launcher.

The next step is to learn how to shot your guns properly. You can skip it with NCSGDAG cheat that will make you a hitman in every weapon stats. And for infinite bullets type FULLCLIP.

Get yourself the best ride

GTA San Andreas tank

Now when you are armed and ready for fun you need a nice ride. And what can be cooler than a tank? Type AIWPRTON to get one. Moreover, if you enter JUMPJET you will get a fighter jet that can take off vertically. Have fun!


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