How to do cheat codes.

Cheat code is the code that can be entered into the program to change its work. The player can easily change the game mode and its complexity, obtain the most valuable and rare items, teleport anywhere, get any weapon and do some other incredible things. Each game has its own set of cheat codes and its way of entering them.

Let’s see how to do cheat codes on the example of two games: Minecrtaft and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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In popular simulation game Minecraft cheat codes work only in version 1.4.5 and later. It can’t be applied to earlier versions. Also if your old world does not include cheat support, you will have to create a new world.

When creating the world, go to the settings and activate the cheats. To enter cheat code, you need to press the “T”. Also you may press “/”. Then you need to enter the cheat code in the line at the bottom of the screen. Almost every team needs to specify the name of the player to which you want to apply the code. If the name is not specified, the code effect your own character.

Instead of a specific name, you can set variables. @a – all players, @p – the nearest player, @r – random player, @e – all enemies.

/gamemode 0, 1, 2 – enables you to change your game mode to Survival, Creative, Adventure.

/xp [amount of experience] – adds the specified amount of experience.

/kill – kills your character. /toggledownfal – turns on or off – snow, rain.

/ tp [player 1] [player 2] – teleports player number one, to player number two.

/ publish – makes your world accessible for connection over the local network – displays the chat port and the name of the computer on which it is running.

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Below we will show how to do cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You can activate them right during the game. You don’t have to press any additional buttons.

LXGIWYL – Set of weapons No. 1

HKJKSZPJ – Set of weapons No. 2

UZUMYMW Set of weapons No. 3

HESOYAM – Health, armor, $ 250,000, free car repair

WANRLTW, FULLCLIP – Infinite ammunition, no recharge

FOOOXFT – Everyone has a weapon

AIYPWZQP – Get the parachute


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