How to save Flash games?

Whether we want it or not, Flash technology is a thing of the past. It was popular long ago, and now we see that many new browsers vendors do not support Flash.

It seems that very soon there will not be a single browser which allows playing Flash games. But it doesn’t mean, that you will not have the possibility to play your favorite games created in Flash format. You can download them in advance to your computer’s hard drive.

Very soon, it can happen that the Internet content created with the help of this technology will be unavailable. It’s a pity because a huge number of great games are Flash games. No one is going to remake them and adapt to new requirements. Therefore, you need to know how to save Flash games, if they are dear to your heart. You can do this in just a few simple steps.Flash games saves

Open the page of the game you want to save, and wait until it’s fully downloaded.

Right-click and select View Page Code. In the new tab, the source code of the page will open. Press Ctrl + F and type “.swf” in the search field that appears.

Now you have to perform a fairly complex task, especially if you are not well versed in HTML. Among the search results, you need to find a link, which leads to the file with the game. Usually it has the same name as the game itself, and is situated inside the iframe element.

Click on the found link with the right mouse button and select “Save link as …” in the context menu. As a result, you will start downloading the game to your hard drive.

Flash games save

You can open a saved game and play it without the help of a browser. In the Windows operating system, you can do it with a standard media player or, for example, GOM Player.

How to save Flash games if you can’t find the necessary link in the source code? There is another way to do it. Use the service, which is designed to analyze for you any web page and give you direct links to all the elements on it. You will only need to select a link to the file with the extension .SWF and upload it to your computer.


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