Steam: backup and restore of games

Game files can be lost accidentally or when reinstalling the operating system or for another reason. In any case, it is better to create a backup copy of the game than risk losing irrevocably important data about the game. Moreover, Steam backup and restore does not require much effort.

Another situation, in which backup will help you, is the installation of modifications to the games. In case of incorrect installation, you can always restore the game from the Backup files.

Steam backup

However, you need to remember that the Backup function is not available for all games. For example, if the game uses third-party loaders, creation of the copy most likely will fail. Backup is not possible in massively multiplayer games, as well as in all free games developed by third-party creators.

In other words, you can only save games that use exclusively Steam to download.

Therefore, to create a backup, you need to open the game and go to the Library section. Click the button “Create backup …”. Then you will need to tick all the games you want to copy. Click “Next” and select the location, in which you want to place a copy of the game. Click “Next” again, give the file a name and specify its size. To start the copy process, click “Next” again.

Create backup

After the copying is complete, select the option “Open archive folder”. This will allow you to overwrite the file on any removable media.

Another important point. After the backup files are made, make sure they are copied correctly. Only in this case you can restore them.

To restore the backup files, run Steam. In the opened window, you will see the Steam key. Open it and choose the paragraph “Backup and restore games …”. Then you will need to select the “Restore from backup” line from the list and find the files in the location, to which you saved them.

Pay attention to the path to Steam. It is important. If it contains atypical characters, for example, letters from another language, there is a high probability that the restoration will fail. To avoid this, install Steam in a directory, where there are no strange characters. The shorter this directory will be, the better.

A backup copy have to be tested. After successful testing, you will be sure that you will not have to download the game again.


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