How to write a video game script?

In modern computer games the plot unfolds in complex worlds. And their success largely depends on how carefully the script is written. That is why the question “how to write a video game script” is very important. Any story begins with the “creation” of the game world, in which it takes place. Geographic location is important, because it gives you a bunch of ideas you can work with. You need to consider all details: from the creation of the world to the present moment. Think about the structure of the world and who inhabits it. What is the peculiarity of the current state of affairs? For example, the world was captured by zombies. Or, on the contrary, it is a paradise, where it is necessary to develop an ideal city or country. In any case, we need a conflict; if not a bloody confrontation with the enemies, then, for example, limited resources or competition. Maybe a controversial border or a complicated relationship with neighbors.picture video game script

Provide options for overcoming these conflicts and difficulties that may arise.

Since this is an invented fairy-tale world, use your imagination to make it magical, with super powers for the characters.

Think about a profile of each character, from the main to the secondary. What should they look like? What are their traits and skills? How do they interact with each other and with the world?

To make the game more interesting, let the heroes have an opportunity to develop their skills, perform certain tasks or find valuable game script photo

Characters are the most important part of the game. A good character is the one, a player can associate himself with. He has emotions, believes, ideas about the world, goals, customs, likes and dislikes, enemies and friends. But the most important is that they have a background.

A significant point: the conflict in the plot should not be revealed immediately, it is better to submit information in small pieces. If the entire story is hidden, this gives scriptwriters many opportunities to keep players in suspense, as well as entering new characters and obstacles.

After you have considered all the details of the game world, the plot and the characters, you need to create a storyboard. That means you can proceed to the implementation of the plot in the game. Now you know how to write a video game script.


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