Creating video game script: tips for beginners

The creation of a video game script has its own specifics and is significantly different from writing a story or script for a movie. The main difference is that you do not create a story, but a whole world. Of course, we are not talking about simple arcade games (although there is also a primitive scenario), but about large-scale games with a big world, a lot of characters, types of terrain and objects. For example, it can be a strategy, in which the army fights, or a horror survival game.

So, first, think about what kind of world the action will take place in. It can be either a real-life terrain, or a fictional one, for example, a distant planet or a fairy-tale dungeon. It is even better to come up with your own reality, unlike anything, in which unusual physical laws will operate or which will be populated by unseen creatures.

Creating video game script

Think carefully about the geography of the world; what it consists of and what opportunities it opens up for the characters. Think of the history of this world: from its creation to the events that occur in the game.

Think about whether it will be a single-player or a multiplayer game. It is better to have both modes in the game.

Creating characters is the most important part of writing a video game script. They should be bright and memorable. Everyone should have its own biography and its unique properties, which he/she uses in the game. Players like to associate themselves with the characters they manage. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an option for customizing the characters so that the player can choose his characteristics, both external and behavioral.

game script

In any case, the characters should differ from each other, so it will be more interesting. It is also desirable that the heroes have an opportunity to develop during the game, gain experience and improve their skills.

Now think about the situation that has developed in the game world and what heroes should do in this situation. What is their mission?

For example, the planet has experienced a global catastrophe, and the survivors must fight for life, collecting vital resources and fighting post-apocalyptic creatures.

In addition, there must be a conflict in the game: if not an open bloody confrontation, then, for example, competition with limited resources. Think about the ways the heroes will achieve the goal. Will they have weapons, magical abilities and so on? Do not limit your imagination, because everything is possible in the game world.


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