Flash game programming.

Flash games are simple short arcade-like games, which are created with the help of programming language ActionScript. But there is much easier way – now you can find special programs that make flash game programming as easy as smiling. One of them – StencylWorks.

Before creating a game, choose its genre and think through its concept. The main genres include: an endless race, puzzles, fights, RPGs.

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As for StencylWorks, this is a rather advanced tool for creating two-dimensional Flash games on a Mac or Windows computer. Due to its simplicity, the program is good for users who do not have any programming knowledge. Those who does not know any programming languages ​​can use a design mode, for more experienced users there is a separate interface (code mode) with the support of any editor, where you can use programming language ActionScript 3.

In the process of creating a game, you will design the game space and levels in the graphical interface. You can add game characters, choose their appearance and behavior model from the ready-to-use catalog. Then simply drag them to the playing field and set the properties of each object in the menu.

what is Flash game

This tool allows you to beautifully decorate the destruction of the character, achieve spectacular visual effects, optimize the performance of the game, add a hit parade of players, etc. Moreover, the preview of the game is available at any stage.

A ready game can be published on any site or simply exported to SWF and do anything with it, even uploaded to specialized portals like Kongregate, which pay game authors.

The authors of this flash game programming project chose an interesting business model: the framework itself is distributed free of charge, but they are going to earn money selling virtual goods to game authors (now a store of characters and other goods is in development), as well as a subscription for developers that will give additional benefits.


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