How to get free steam games?

  1. Raffle prizes

In some online communities from time to time, raffles are held. Among the main prizes there could be gaming headsets, games or consoles. You had better choose large communities, where the number of subscribers is more than half a million. Such communities are more likely to be fair. The rules are simple: you should subscribe to a group, like a post and make a repost. For a second you can get either a game or a more impressive prize.pict free steam games

  1. Competitions

How to get free steam games if you have a talent of a writer? You can try your luck at various contests, which are also held in social network groups and major game magazines. For example, each month some portals and fan sites announce a writing contest, where players are able to publish a review of any game and get good prizes.picture free steam games

  1. Testing

From time to time, developers upload unfinished projects, which require testing. If Steam has a new game in test phase, then there is a chance that it is completely free. Whether it is a simulation or horror game, you can get a full gaming experience without paying a dime.

  1. Free Weekend Steam Games

Players love Steam for surprises. From time to time, users can see in their library access to some other interesting game, which is limited only by time. What is this done for? It is a cunning marketing trick. As a rule, the allotted time is not enough for a complete walkthrough, so after time has elapsed, users are ready to pay the necessary amount of money to continue playing.

  1. Guest passes and extra copies of games

Sometimes, when buying a game, you can also get a guest pass or an extra copy of the game. They differ in the period of validity (the guest pass is limited in time; as a rule, it is available from 10 to 30 days; the additional copy is not limited in time). You can play a full version of a game without any restrictions.

  1. Promotional campaigns of game developers

How to get free steam games easily? Quite often, game developers run promotions. Participation in these promotions gives an opportunity to get the game gratis.


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