Tips for catching Pokémon

In order to play the Pokémon Go game not only for fun but also really effectively, you should use some new tips for catching Pokémon in 2018.

Before throwing a Poke Ball, you need to wait until Pokémon finishes the animation of the attack he was conducting. At the end of the attack, you will see yellow, red and green circles. The easiest Pokémon to catch is green, the Pokémon of the middle level corresponds to the yellow color, and the heaviest is the Pokémon of the red color.

pict catching Pokémon

Pay attention to the weather. Some Pokémon species can additionally strengthen their attacks and become more difficult to catch as they are exposed to current weather.

Try to keep the circle on the selected Pokémon at the lowest possible point during the rolls.

After each attempt to catch Pokémon with the Poke Ball, Razz Berries disappear; therefore, you have to throw one Razz Berry once again, if the Pokémon runs away from your Ball.

Your level of coaching affects the ability to catch a rare Pokémon. The higher the level, the rarer Pokémon can be found.

The upcoming Pokémon Go Plus device will let you catch some kinds of Pokémon with just a click of a button, even without using your smartphone.

Running low on Poke Balls, find the nearest PokeStop and you will get a free refill.

Poke Balls

All catches should be curving!

If you manage to catch Pokémon with Curve Ball, then you are rewarded with a 1.7% bonus, provided that you caught the Pokémon, unless it did not break out or even worse escape from you.

The bonus you get for using Curve Ball is bigger than one for using Razz Berry (1.5%) or using Great Ball. Also the usage of Curve Ball does not consume resources.

Using new tips for catching Pokémon, try to combine the Curve type of throw with Great/Ultra Ball and Razz Berry, and you will still get a 1.7% bonus for using the Curve Ball technique. By and large, this is a free bonus in the game and the main thing is to do it well to improve the technique of throwing.

When looking at Pokémon, pay attention to its CP (Combat Power) on the catch screen. Often, players think that the lower the CP, the easier is to catch a Pokémon. However, one must always remember that the CP does not always depend only on the Pokémon’s level, but also on the statistics (IV). That is why, catching Pokémon with a low CP level, you can face a low-level Pokémon, but with high statistics; or vice versa, a high level and low statistics, which will be also very difficult to catch.


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