DC legends game tips that will put you on the next level

Warner Brothers decided to put your favorite comics’ characters into a mobile game called DC Legends. You are able to choose and upgrade 40 different characters, both good and evil. We prepared the most useful DC legends game tips, so you can grow faster and win more battles.

Know your superpowers

All superheroes/supervillains in DC Legends have superpowers and you should be super sure about their effect. It is also important to know the right time to unleash them. Use all your buffs early so you can feel the effect during the whole battle. However, it is better to save healing skills till some of your characters really need extra health.

Level up your characters

Upgrading levels of your characters mean better stats and new superpowers. You just need to keep in mind that there are 40 of them in the game and not so many XP potions. So focus on leveling up good heroes like Flash or Sinestro as soon as you can. They will become a valuable asset for your team in the future.

Upgrade skills and items wisely

DC Upgrade skills

DC Legend has a broad upgrades system for both skills and weapons of heroes. Start improving superpowers for the most capable heroes first, so you can get more from them in battles. Remember that all items can be used by any hero during the superpower’s upgrade. To get more items for an upgrade and empowering, do not forget to complete specific missions from the campaign.

Get to know your enemies before setting a team

There are 3 types of heroes in the game that follow the rock, paper, scissors rule. That means that red (physical) is stronger than blue (mystical), which is stronger than green (energy) but weaker than red. The best way is to keep all three classes in your team because otherwise, you can get vulnerable against certain opponents. To increase your chances chose heroes with advantages against your enemy’s class.

Lead your team to the victory when enemies are tough

DC New Legends

There is an auto-battle function in the game but it is not always a good choice. Of course, AI can save your time while playing with weaklings, but it is not good against even or tougher opponents. In this case, do it in an old-fashioned way concentrating on one enemy at a time. To win the battle you should not change the target till it is done. It is better to start eliminating enemies from either the most dangerous or the weakest.

Be consistent in your efforts

If you like DC Legends, do not forget to log in every day and collect your daily bonuses. The trick here is to do it every day without missing in order to sum up the reward. To get even more, try to participate in time-limited events that can get you rare loot and currencies.



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