The most useful Game of War tips: learn to cooperate

As quickly as possible, join the alliance. Game of War is a network game; almost everything in it is built on the interaction and cooperation of players, on mutual assistance to each other. I give you a guarantee, in many good alliances you can develop much faster, compared with playing on your own. And remember a very important thing: there are few intelligent and good players, so enter into the most active alliance, do not stay in those where many players do nothing.

The main tip to follow while playing Game of War is to modernize and improve exactly those buildings that give you resources. When you have more resources, then you can develop your state much faster.

In addition to what has been said, first of all, you need to modernize farms, this will increase the number of products received on them. The more you stock your food, the more people you can recruit into your army, which you will send to the most distant journeys.

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Do not hesitate to enter the abandoned kingdoms left by the players. Sometimes players get out of the Game of War, and their possessions remain, and they can very easily get different usefulness and values.

Quickly explore new troops. To inflate the army with “cannon fodder” does not make sense. Especially carefully follow this rule at the beginning of the game, while you are still under protection. The protection lulls and relaxes, that is why you can lose it until your army has reached sufficient power, and you can pay dearly for it.

Using Game of War tips, it is very important to help your clan comrades in building and development of new buildings. And feel free to ask them to help. This tactic gives good results in Game of War: you can grow and develop faster, and your clan will become much stronger.

Conquer the Wonders of the World. This can only be achieved with the help of a whole alliance. First of all, send your troops to seize and occupy cities around the Miracle; such cities are very well protected, so be prepared for a serious and difficult battle. After that, master this wonder of the world; it will give you many advantages.

Game of War

Remember that it is necessary to modernize Gymnos; in this building your hero is resurrected after death. The level of this building influences how much experience will return to your hero.

Be sure to build hospitals and carry out their modernization! It is simple: in the hospital your wounded soldiers are treated and recover. Without this building, wounded soldiers will begin to perish. But for some reason, many players forget about this building.


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