Top hint! Unlocking Far Cry 5’s secret alien weapon, magnopulser

While some players are looking for a snowman in Far Cry 5, others save mankind from a global catastrophe, and in return receive an alien cannon. But how exactly to unlock Far Cry 5’s secret alien weapon?

It all begins with a confident Larry Parker, whom we first find near his trailer in something like a Faraday cage. Unfortunately, Larry was trapped in this cage (more precisely, getting out does not give him the lightning that surrounds him), so he asks us to help.

far cry V

After we turn off three generators feeding the device, Larry reports that the sectarians, who captured Hope County, are in no way comparable to the impending global catastrophe.

However, Larry can no longer say anything, because someone is listening to him. To get rid of eavesdropping devices, he gives us the task to destroy satellite dishes on one of the nearest towers.

Upon returning to the trailer, we face a battle of sectarian group, and then goes the second stage of the task. Now Larry intends to prove that those who allegedly overheard him do exist and have already visited Hope.

Larry asks us to go to one of the nearest fields, where you can see crop circles. There we need to collect several extraterrestrial objects. One of them lies in the eagle’s nest, the second – near the dead cow, the third is guarded by the turkeys, and the fourth is kept by the dog.

far cry 5 gun

After you carry all the extraterrestrial objects to Larry, the third and final stage of the task will begin – to redirect electricity to his trailer from the nearest power station.

Returning to the trailer, you will find that Larry again climbed into the device, from which we rescued him in the beginning. He says that he cannot take us by himself, and the last thing he wants to do is to turn on the generator.

The device will again start throwing lightning; Larry will rise slightly above the ground, and then dissolve in a green haze. The only thing that remains of him is the sneakers, but next to them you can find an impulse gun, magnopulser. Now you know how exactly to unlock Far Cry 5‘s secret alien weapon.

The impulse gun is a powerful enough but uncomfortable weapon. It can spray your opponent, but for this, you need to come very close, and after that only guns and ammunition will remain, but no loot.


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