Game of war real tips.

Do not hurry to fight. It’s not an action game. First, gather all possible resources, both within the city and outside its walls. Your priority task is to train your army from the very beginning of the game. This is the main among Game of War real tips. It is necessary not only to protect against enemies, but also to get resources. The best troops to deliver resources are siege troops. Although they have a low speed, they are able to move more cargo. In the second place – the infantry.

To gain power, you need to conduct research as actively as possible. You will discover more powerful types of troops, you will be able to erect buildings faster and get more resources.

Complete the quests and tasks offered by the Alliance. They are designed in such a way as not to distract you from the main tasks. Moreover, by successfully completing tasks, you help your hero quickly improve his skills. In addition to the experience, execution of tasks will provide with materials for crafts, weapons and artifacts, as well as funds that you can spend in the Alliance store.picture game of war

Join alliances with neighboring states, send them messages. This will allow you to save valuable time to gather resources without losing troops. And in case of an attack, there is a high probability that the ally will come to your rescue.

Collect all the resources that are nearby. Even if you think that you do not need a certain kind of resource at the moment or that you have it in sufficient quantity, collect it anyway. Remember you are not alone in this game; resources can be stolen by other players.war games

Take an active part in the life of the Alliance. Participate in discussions in the chat, perform quests from the Alliance. If your name will be on the ear of the other members of the alliance, you will be respected and helped when you need it. This will also help you maintain your membership in the Alliance – you can not be excluded if you reduce activity.

Save resources. If you get a certain type of resource in the form of a gift or a reward, do not use it without need, i.e. if you have not yet exhausted this type of resource. These are the main Game of War real tips. War wisely and enjoy your power!


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