What is a game trainer?

Trainer is a specially developed program that changes the parameters of the game character in different types of games – horror, simulator, action, shooters and others. Trainers can make a player immortal or give him an infinite number of cartridges, points, improve his skills and give other advantages. They usually work directly with the computer’s RAM. Modern trainers usually start as a separate program before the game loads.

picture What is a game trainer

But what is a game trainer technically? The easiest way to create a trainer is to search in memory for values that match the desired game parameter. Then change it and search in the resulting list again. After a few iterations, there will most likely remain a small list of addresses, values for which you can try to change.

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Besides, there are many utilities that automate the process of searching and changing values. Among them ArtMoney, Cheat’o’Matic and so on.

There are several ways to create a trainer. You can write a program in various programming languages, use memory scanner or debugger. You can also apply programs, designed for automatic creation of trainers. The most famous are TMK, Trainer Creation Kit, Cheat Engine and GodGame.

The creation of trainers also depends on the type of game. If in the game DMA technology is used, then the address with the necessary value will change every time you restart or move to a new level. In this case simple change of parameters will not work. In addition, a number of games can be protected. In this case, the creation of a trainer is also possible, but requires great skill.

To protect the game from trainers, the most important game parameters are encrypted (and decrypted for a short time before use) or an encrypted copy is created (with which the original parameter is constantly compared). To hack off such protections, you should disassemble the program.

Using the trainers is a personal matter for each player. But their use certainly destroys the spirit of the game. That is why one of possible answers to the question “what is a game trainer” could be: “sucker punch”.


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