Features of “Ash of Gods: Redemption”



The plot is designed in the format of a novel, with a nonlinear history development inherent in it. The course of the game depends on the decisions made by the player, as well as the replicas chosen by him. A characteristic feature of the game is that the storyline can continue of after the death of the main hero.

Battles take place in the form of step-by-step battles in isometric projection. The combat system has one essential feature. When a player uses his skills, he spends not only his energy, but also his health. This encourages players to be particularly cautious and moderate.

In addition, the gamer can take advantage of the deck of cards, which is an analog of very strong spells. The process of collecting of the deck, receiving the cards before fights and its application in many respects resemble the classic collectible card games. So, the cards received before combats often determine actions of the gamer. In addition to a single-player mode, multiplayer is also possible in this release. In its mechanics and visual embodiment, the game resembles “The Banner Saga”.




In this turn-based strategy, the player has to manage several teams of heroes, each of the troop is controlled by one of the key characters. There are three main heroes: a retired soldier, a wandering physician and a professional mercenary. These characters participate in events that threaten to turn into the doomsday.

The narration in “Ash of Gods” is based on a series of complex ethical choices. Each decision made by the gamer considerably influences the further course of events. A key feature is the rule of “lesser evil” – the gamer will have to permanently choose between the immediate benefits that can turn into problems in the future, and a victim that, on the contrary, will facilitate the passage of one of the further episodes.



Many gamers consider this game to be Russian version of “The Banner Saga”. First, pay attention to the stylistic similarity of both projects – it is immediately evident. Although the game developers claim that they were inspired by the esthetics of Soviet cartoons, one look at the game is enough to understand what is the main source of inspiration for the creators of the game.


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