Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass teaser trailer is finally available! Watch here

The rumors about the new Serious Sam wandered until they were no longer rumors and turned into an official announcement about Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass by Croteam. That happened during the Reboot Develop 2018 in Croatia.

Obviously, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass has a teaser trailer, but the full-length announcement should be expected at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2018) in June, and on the occasion of the early presentation, the studio released a short video teaser on the game engine. Also, the project has a page on the Steam service.

Serious Sam 4

Official information

As part of Reboot Develop, the Croteam developers stated, “If you recall our 7-year history, the studio was able to release six full-fledged game projects during this period. Nevertheless, we constantly hear from our fans the question, when will the new Serious Sam appear”.

At the same time, co-founder of Croteam in his opening speech at the Reboot Develop 2018 conference tried to calm everyone in advance and said, “We will fully answer all the questions on the new part of Serious Sam, which are so often discussed by our fans, directly within the E3 2018. Already after the conference itself, everything will fall into place.”

A little bit about the gameplay

All that is 100% known is that Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass has a teaser trailer and it is gorgeous. Perhaps the main news for the fans of the series is the fact that Croteam promises to recreate the gameplay of classic Serious Sam on a much larger scale. Players will go on a crazy journey full of hurricane shooting, heaps of corpses of enemies and jokes from the unforgettable “Serious” Sam Stone.

In addition to the short trailer, neither Devolver Digital nor Croteam revealed more details at the conference. However, the publisher launched the page Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass on Steam, from which it is clear that the game will offer co-op (including on one screen) and multiplayer mode, as well as support for custom modifications.

In the description, it is said that the brutal gameplay of Serious Sam will unfold on an extensive map, ‘and not just on one desert level’ probably hinting at open world gameplay. It is not specified on which platforms, in addition to the PC, the project will be released, but it is likely that it will also be implemented on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and possibly Nintendo Switch. All the details are to be revealed at E3 2018 in June this year.


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