Chucklefish releases new adventure game Eastward

The company that released Stardew Valley took under the wing the post-apocalyptic RPG Eastward. So now, Chucklefish is finally publishing Eastward.


A two-dimensional RPG with a top view of Eastward, on which the Shanghai Pixpil team has been working for several years, will be released by Chucklefish. The game name should be familiar to you from Stardew Valley and Starbound. It also maintains a curious Pathway (a tactical strategy about searchers of ancient artifacts from the 1930s) and WitchBrook (RPG about the school of magicians).

The game storyline

All the events in Eastward unfold shortly when the population is gradually dying due to food shortages and constant invasions of monsters. The miner John will act in the role of the main protagonist, who once founds a girl in a mysterious place near the excavations. After the expulsion from his village, John has to help a stranger to survive in cities that are inhabited by monsters and bizarre characters.


Eastward is inspired by the series Mother and The Legend of Zelda. The game is deliberately retro styled. Events take place on a planet that survived the apocalypse. The digger John has to help the mysterious girl Sam to walk through several destroyed cities, full of monsters. They will also meet some survived people (extraordinary, by the way).

This adventure game with elements of RPG and the style of Japanese animation (the end of the last century) is developed by a small indie studio Pixpil from Shanghai. It is based on illustrations by artist Hong Moran, who creates in the genre of pixel post-apocalypse.

First of all, the developers wanted to create the same role-playing project, in which the science fiction story will be revealed through the gameplay.

And yes, sometimes the game resembles the storyline of The Last of Us. But not to a large extent though. Still, the developers tried to choose a completely different visual style and gameplay.

How it all started?

Eastward was shown back in 2015 on Steam Greenlight, but over time the game was forgotten, and the development was postponed. According to the representatives of the studio, the developers were inspired by the anime series of the 90s, as well as by such famous games like The Legend of Zelda and Earthbound.


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