Get scared! Dark Souls Remastered’s new trailer reveals fearsome bosses

Popular role-playing game Dark Souls will soon be reissued. The release of the new version is scheduled for May. While you are waiting for it to emerge, Bandai Namco has revealed some details of the updated title, releasing a trailer, showcasing, among other things, quite frightening bosses who are waiting for you in the upcoming game.

Dark Souls in many ways resembles its ideological predecessor – Demon’s Souls. It has a complex system of combat, as well as a high complexity of passage. Actions take place in some half-ruined kingdom, populated by numerous fantasy creatures and ghosts, which you will have to fight. In the trailer, released recently by Bandai Namco, you can see them all. Particular attention is paid to dangerous bosses, which will become a serious obstacle to victory.

Dark Souls

The remastered version of the game is already available to pre-order for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. As for gamers who prefer to play on computers, they should expect a pleasant bonus. If you have purchased Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on Steam, then you can buy a remastered version twice cheaper. By the way, starting from May 8, Prepare to Die will not be sold on Valve. But that does not mean that you will not have opportunity to play it again.

Release of Dark Souls Remastered is expected on May 25, the title will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The developers said that they had worked on the visual component of the game and had improved the graphics. Also, more significant changes were made, which affected the gameplay. Before the full release of the new version, the developers will conduct a network test for consoles Xbox One and PS4. The date of this test is still unknown, but it will be announced, as they promise in Bandai Namco, in the near future.

The game will also be adapted for the Nintendo Switch. Initially, its release was also scheduled for May 25, but later the release was postponed for the summer, as well as its testing.


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