Here we go! Destiny 2 DLC 2, Warmind release date announced

It is important that Destiny 2 DLC 2, Warmind, finally gets release date. Bungie has announced the exact release date of the Warmind add-on for Destiny 2 – DLC on May 8. This became known thanks to the company’s update schedule, which still contains information about the third and fourth season of the game.

The third season will begin with the release of Warmind. Together with DLC, there will be new subject tasks, online events, new loot and the opportunity to learn new activities in the MMO-shooter.

The rest of the details we will get to know on a particular stream, which Bungie will hold on April 24.

Destiny 2 DLC 2 screen

Plus, it became known that with the release of the third season of the game, the PvP mode and its content distribution system will be slightly modified. In particular, for all new maps, created specifically for Warmind, will appear. The same goes for the maps in Curse of Osiris, which can be played regardless of the availability of DLC. In addition, enemies will become much more powerful and intelligent.

In the weekly update from Bungie, the lead designer of the Destiny 2 combat system, Tomonori Kinoshita, said that since the start of the third season, which begins on May 8 with the release of Warmind, enemies in the game will become even harder to defeat.

Players of a low level of power will now find it much harder to confront enemies that exceed them in scale. If the difference in the strength level is more than 50 units, then the enemies will get immunity to any damage from the players at all. Players of the original Destiny should be familiar with this system.

The developers also plan to make changes to the energy weapon, which will cause a minimum of 200% damage to power shields. In case, if the gun and shield have the same energy element, the damage will be 300%, in addition to the damage from the shield explosion.

Because the interest in Destiny 2 has fallen to a painfully low level, Bungie has decided to take drastic measures. After the latest release of the first DLC and some updates, which were considered extraordinarily ambiguous and almost everyone received a handful of critics. The developers decided to make players faster and increase the damage they inflicted. Later the studio stated in the update 1.1.4, which has already been released on all platforms, that developers want gamers to feel strong. To achieve this effect, the damage from various weapon models has been increased.


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