Expand yourself! Destiny 2: Warmind’s PS4-exclusive DLC content detailed

We all already know that there will soon be a new extension for the game Destiny called Warmind. But the specific details about the new DLC became known only recently. In particular, we know what new features will be available for PS4-players before they can be estimated by computer and the Xbox One console owners.

In particular, it became known that since May 8, when Warmind will be released, the new exclusive option Strike will appear in the game. It will be called The Insight Terminus. By the way, this innovation will not appear in Hellas Basin – the territories, on which the events of the new extension are initially set. It will be located in Nessus and will be related to the tomb of Vex. A heroine named Zavala will need the help of a team of faithful Guardians to get inside this tomb, which was previously captured by the antagonist Cabal. You will need to fight a powerful enemy named Psion, otherwise he will be able to gain full control over Vex with all the ensuing consequences.

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In addition to the fact that the owners of PS4 will be the first to get Strike, they will also get access to a new, more reliable protective armor of various types.

There is no clear information about when players using computers and Xbox One will be able to get acquainted with the update. The official announcement says that new content will remain limited at least until the fall of this year. This means that it will be unlocked for the PC and the Xbox One console either this fall or a little later. Considering that the first part of Destiny became available on the Xbox much later than it was announced, the date of unlocking the second expansion remains extremely unclear.

The plot of Warmind is built around the adventures of a hero named Rasputin and a new heroine named Anna Bray. Events take place in the new zone on Mars. You will have new maps, new sets of weapons and armor, as well as other opportunities that were not previously available in the game.

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer computer game in the genre of a first-person and a third person shooter, created in a science-fiction style. Gameplay of the title is based on the game mechanics of the first part, but has a number of improvements that were approved by most fans of the game.


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