Work on bugs: new progression system for Star Wars Battlefront II is announced

The release of Star Wars’ new series was preceded by a big controversy – all because of the progression system, which seemed unethical for many users. As it turned out, in this multiplayer shooter, gamers had the opportunity to influence the development of their character by investing real money. Thus, the players received a serious advantage.

In addition, the progression system worked so slowly that players were simply forced to make purchases, improving their characters. This situation has caused quite a strong resonance in the society. Not only players, but even government officials were involved in the discussion. This precedent became an occasion to discuss the issue of transactions in computer games.

The game developer, the company Electronic Arts, began to urgently seek a solution to the problem. Immediately, the possibility of transactions was removed and they began working on improving the system of progression. As a result, this system was completely changed.

The main change is that from now on the new abilities of the characters can not be bought. They can only be obtained through the skills acquired in the game.

Star Wars

Now you can buy only cosmetics and other purely decorative things, which, of course, cannot affect the ability of the hero in any way. Thus, the benefits should now be earned. Money in no way can affect the gameplay.

The so-called star charts were also canceled. Thus, you will not necessarily have to gamble.

It is obvious that the company Electronic Arts seriously took criticism and does everything possible to make the game meet the expectations of players. Anyway, criticism helps the game become more perfect.

Star Wars Battlefront II is another series of famous first-person shooter. Unlike previous series, new character classes have been added to it. Each type of hero has a unique set of skills and weapons. The game is possible both as a multiplayer, and as a single-player game.

Let’s hope that the recent scandal will not affect the popularity of the game. After all, fixed mistakes are often forgiven.


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