New big patch has come to Overwatch! Overwatch Retribution new skins revealed

Overwatch Retribution was finally launched and brought a great big patch, including lots of fixings (maps, heroes, functionality, weapon, gameplay, imbalance functions of some heroes and so on).

Overwatch Retribution is the last event in the game, and players return on time to the King’s rebellion.

Overwatch Retribution new skins revealed 

What is new?

Finally, the Overwatch Retribution skins revealed. There will be new skins for selecting Overwatch characters, as well as new inserts and emotions.

In Retribution patch, players will “witness the main moments from a history in the Overwatch Archives”, added by the joint missions telling the story, describing the era appeared long before the fall of Overwatch.

Players will take on the role of Blackwatch and go against Talon on the map of Venice, and will have a second chance to fight the Omnic Crisis, as they return to last year’s Rebellion mission.


The Loot Boxes archives will be earned by playing, unlocking new cosmetic skins, highlighting intro, emotions, and sprays based on moments from the past of Overwatch.

New skins

Sadly, but not all of characters will receive new skins. Still, some of them will look much better, including Pharah, Sombra, Talon, the Reapers Blackwatch, Lucio, Khandzo, who have received epic and legendary skins.

Check out how some of them will look like:

new skin Overwatch

Overwatch new skin

new Overwatch skin

Blizzard also released a patch for Overwatch, which includes new Avoid as Teammate feature. More options, full changes and all new heroes’ features are here:


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