Fortnite is available on iOS: teachers are worried

The creators of Fortnite recently announced the release of the game version for iOS. This is certainly a joyful news for all its admirers. New version almost does not differ from the already familiar release: the same game mechanics, the same locations and heroes. Nevertheless, there are a number of points that should be taken into account.

First, you can play this game not on all devices. For example, the iPhone below the SE model is not suitable for this. Version for devices with the Android operating system will be released later, in a couple of months.

Another funny nuance. The release of the game in the mobile format also has a dark side: it seriously interferes with the students in the classroom, distracting them. The situation became so threatening that one of the American teachers, Mr. Hillman, appealed to the developers asking to place a warning in the game, calling not to play the game during classes.

Fortnite BR

In fact, the teacher admitted that he often plays this amazing game with his friends. He does not mind that the students played it, but not in the classroom. He also wrote that he had threatened the students that if they did not stop distracting from learning, he would write to the developers. According to him, the students did not believe.

The developers reacted to the teacher’s request with understanding and really posted a warning, saying that Mr. Hillman is against playing in the classroom. Bravo! Epic company once again attracted attention in a rather ingenious way.

Fortnite is a classic survival game. You, together with other players, will extract resources and look for all sorts of useful items for construction. In the daytime, you will be busy building fortifications, and at night, you will have to confront numerous zombies.

In the battle, you will be using various weapons: gunshot, steel arms, for example, katana. One of the ways to extract resources is to destroy environmental objects. By breaking a wall or a roof, you will have to go through a mini-game. Also in the game, there is a mode of “player versus player”. In general, survival depends on two factors: the quality of fortifications and success in battles. It is interesting that now the number of players who play Fortnite is estimated at tens of millions.


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