Fortnite is possibly coming to China, but much remains unclear

One of the most popular games in the genre of battle royale is likely to come to China. The game developer, Epic, decided to announce this news in a very creative way. On its Twitter page they posted the passport of one of the heroes of the game – Jonesy. In the passport you can see a stamp that allows the hero (and, apparently, the whole team) to get into the territory of China.

It had to happen. Fortnite is one of the best-selling games, China is a huge market, which can further increase sales. Though, a lot of nuances has to be taken into account. The fact is that in China fraud and hacking are a big problem. Let’s see what measures the developers will take to minimize the risks.

Also much remains unclear in the launch of the game in China. First, it is still unknown whether Epic will launch Fortnite on its own or with the help of a partner. If the second option is chosen, Tencent will most likely be the partner. This Chinese giant already has about 40% of Epic shares and has all the necessary leverage for distribution in China.

Fortnite Battles

It is also unknown on which platforms the game will be available. It is worth considering that in China, games for PCs and mobile devices are the most popular. Consoles are less common than in America and Europe. Therefore, it is likely that in the beginning the game will be available for computers and smartphones. And then, in case of success, for consoles as well. Another uncertain point is whether the Chinese version will be adapted to local audiences or remain unchanged.

Recently, it was suggested that the teaser from Epic could mean the announcement of new maps in the game. However, the representative of the company denied these assumptions, saying that in the near future they are not planning to issue new maps.

By the way, recently a new extension was added to Fortnite. As part of this update, new machine guns, as well as 50v50 mode will be available to players. It’s time to take advantage of these innovations and get a new unforgettable experience in the format of Battle Royale.


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