Fortnite new 3.5.2 patch is coming! Fortnite update brings Light Machine Guns, 50v50 Limited Time Mode mark two

This week multiplayer shooter Fortnite will be updated to version 3.5.2. Fortnite update brings Light Machine Guns, 50v50 Limited Time Mode mark two. Still, most of players might notice that the main change that will appear is that you can look out of the shelter the same way as before version 3.5. Players were unhappy that their own buildings could be accidentally bombarded and destroyed. The developers decided to ‘roll back’ everything, at least until the problem is solved.

shooter Fortnite

New update will bring the most awaited features! Fortnite update brings Light Machine Guns, 50v50 Limited Time Mode mark two!

The ‘Battle Royale’ will return an updated version of the time-limited event ‘50 to 50’. The rules foremost remained unchanged: two buses bring on the battlefield two large teams that will fight with each other to the last drop of blood.

Do not forget about the new weapons too. In ‘Battle Royale’ there will be a light machine gun (LMG) with a high rate of fire and a magazine for 100 rounds, and fans of ‘Storm Llama’ will be able to try out a new neon weapon – a power machine with a huge magazine.

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In addition, ‘Storm Llama’ starts the event, code-named ‘The heart of the Storm’ next edition, during which ‘steep treasures and new dangers’, as well as an opportunity to open one of the new Cyberpunk Heroes will appear.

50v50 V2

Within this mode, the player profile statistics will not be generated. The tasks received within the day and week will all still function. An exception will be the tasks that relate to Squad.

Mercury LMG

Mercury LMG

This is a new so-called energy weapon with an average rate of fire. The magazine will accommodate a large number of cartridges.

Definitely, LMG will be able to change the battle style in Battle Royale in an exciting way. In addition, one of the novelties in the new patch will be that with double XP in tow players will be able to receive high rewards at the end of the third season. Thanks to the new patch, this will become more achievable.

What else will come in 3.5.2?

Storm Eye

  • Each of the teams will have its own bus, which will go to the island from different (opposite) sides. The allied bus will be painted blue, and the enemy – red.
  • Players will only have 10 minutes to arrive on the map and find the loot, and then the storm eye will shrink. 5 minutes set aside for the fight, and then it will be squeezed definitively.

  • Supply drops will come in batches of three to six every two minutes, and they will land only in the eye of the storm.
  • A dotted line on the map will be drawn between the two teams. If the player decides to cross this line, then it is very likely that he will hit the enemy.


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