Epic informs: Fortnite update’s new 50v50 mode delayed

Epic decided to postpone Fortnite launch of a new 50v50 mode. New Fortnite update’s 50v50 mode was delayed for a week. According to information from Reddit, the company-developer, Epic, stated that when testing the game in this mode, there were specific difficulties with accounting records, and specifically with their maintenance.

According to Epic, the game mode showed a significant delay when downloading, and the company Fortnite stated that the update’s new 50v50 mode should be delayed. Testing was conducted just before the release date, and therefore additional time will be needed to troubleshoot the problem.

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Lately, there has been a lot of information about Fortnite and interest in the release of the 50v50 mode with limited time. After the release of its latest update 3.5 for platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices, the Epic company announced the appearance of a new mode 50v50. By and large, it reminded more of a modified version of one of its first game modes.

It is evident that the name of 50v50 mode implies the division of players into two teams of fifty people. In the new mode, the developers have provided players with unlimited access to the island within 10 minutes. After that, entrance will be closed.

Delivery of supply, in this case, will be carried out every two minutes and will be divided into lots of three and six. However, it is essential to consider that the supplies will only land in the zone of the final round.

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In addition, Epic decided to change the speed of the loot appearance. The likelihood of floor loot spawning will now be increased to 15%. As for agricultural resources, they also significantly increased by 75%. It is noteworthy that the time of falling supplies will more often meet doubled and additional supplies.

The multiplayer Fortnite game this week was unavailable for 24 hours. Now the problems are fixed, and Epic gives players free loot as compensation. Company representatives stated this in their blog.

Players of Battle Royale, including users of iOS devices, this weekend will be able to receive a gift from publishers as compensation for the recent simple game. Also, Epic plans to release free Battle Stars, which will be useful the next time you update.

On April 11, 2018, the game has undergone significant changes. Port-a-Fort, the detachment control mode and the opportunity to pass personal missions again were added . However, in addition to the expected correction of errors, this led to the fact that the game was unavailable to users during the day.


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