Breaking news! The Dauntless OBT to start in May

On May 24 starts open beta testing of Dauntless, a free co-op action with big monsters like in Monster Hunter. This info was reported by Phoenix Labs.

The Dauntless open beta begins in May, and despite the freshness of the announcement of the upcoming OBT, 700,000 users have already applied for the game. Closed beta testing attracted 100 thousand people.

Dauntless OBT

In a new game, users should act as hunters for “Behemoths”, fearsome creatures of giant size, without the need of settling on the islands of the local fantasy world. The task of the heroes is simple, to get rid of uninvited monsters in the native expanses. And it is better to do it with friends, easier and more fun.

Despite the fact that Dauntless had a significant period of time in a closed beta test, this situation will soon change completely. Today, according to the statements of Phoenix Labs, an open beta test was announced on May 24. According to official statements of the developers, at the moment, the number of registered on the open test has already reached more than 700 000 people. At the same time, more than 100,000 players were already able to participate in the closed test.

The Dauntless screenshot

The game world is represented on the so-called Shattered Isles. These ancient, long-forgotten lands are simply teeming with monsters! The main task for the player and his teammates will be the complete destruction of all monsters! In fact, it is rather difficult to do this. After destroying the monster, you will also be able to gather the necessary resources and apply them for new improvements to your weapons arsenal. Only in this way you can resist even more powerful opponents.

Dauntless has been developing for more than four years. The game is created by veterans of the industry: people from Riot, BioWare, and Capcom.

Get ready for The open beta

Everyone can register and take part in the study of the open beta version of Dauntless at For those players who would not like to wait until May 24 to start testing, there is an opportunity to access the closed beta testing version by purchasing the Dauntless Founder’s Pack. The cost of the package is 40-100 USD and includes, also, an exclusive in-game title, a forum icon, a ‘Founder’s Flare’, consumables, and other items.

Wallpaper Dauntless

Of course, there was optimization of the game process and now players will hang less in the hub and during the hunt. In addition, part of the update was the training mode and localization in German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. After this, there will be servers for the game in North America, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


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