Ghost of Tsushima is about to come: release date, trailers and news

What we know for sure is that the work on the game is in full swing and is approaching the finale. Nevertheless, the exact release date is unknown until now. The game developer, the company Sucker Punch, did not even announce the year of its release. Instead, they promised to disclose some details in the coming months.

Ghost of Tsushima

However, there is indirect evidence that the game will be released this year. At the exhibition CES 2018 there was shown a trailer, which announced the games and other gaming products scheduled for 2018. The Ghost of Tsushima was among them. Given that the game has been worked over for more than three years, it is likely that it will soon be released worldwide.

At the moment, the only source of information about the game is the trailer shown at the Paris Games Week. It reveals almost nothing about the gameplay, but you can briefly get acquainted with the game world and enjoy a beautiful aesthetic component.

It is also known that the game will take place in the thirteenth century – just at the moment when the Mongols tried to conquer Japan. You will need to control the main character named Jin. The intrigue is that the protagonist is the only surviving samurai on the island of Tsushima. He has to confront a large army alone.

Therefore, he must abandon the usual methods of warfare and use the tactics of the ghost. Like other Sucker Punch games, this one has third-person perspective.

Also, the trailer makes it clear that the world in which the battles will take place is huge. In fact, you’ll have to explore the whole island of Tsushima. In the island you will find a wide variety of terrain: forests, mountains, steppes and cities. Apparently, you will move mainly on a horse.

Since the protagonist will need to fight alone, most likely, in addition to the battles themselves, the ability to hide and suddenly appear will be very important in the game. Not strength and dexterity will be decisive in the game, but tactical tricks.

Of course, the protagonist will have the possibility to use a whole range of all kinds of weapons. In addition to the katana, at his disposal are big bows and a kind of fiery weapon. Perhaps, the hero also will have magical abilities. Otherwise, his chances of winning seem quite illusory.


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