Cards open: here’s all Hearthstone Witchwood’s 135 expansion cards

With the last expansion of the Hearthstone game, named The Witchwood, players have access to new 135 cards of various categories. The story behind all these new cards is based on events happening in a terrible enchanted forest.

In the depths of the thicket evil forces woke up. Their aim is to break the peace and wipe out all life. A new set of cards will help you resist evil more effectively.

One of the new keywords is Rush. Its mechanics in many respects reminds already familiar Charge, however its action is aimed exclusively at enemy minions. The principle is the same – you can attack minions during their turn.

Another new keyword is Echo. It allows you to use the same card many times in one turn. However, for this you must have mana to be able to pay for such an option.

Other mechanics, which have impact on the gameplay, operate without keywords. Worgen heroes have the ability to change health and attack with each turn. In addition, the new set has cards that can display various special effects in case you collect a deck with only odd or even cards.

At the very beginning of the launch of the new expansion, the developers allowed players to get free sets of cards, which immediately give an advantage in the game. After activating the new version, you could log in to the game and pick up the three card sets you are entitled to, and even one card from the legendary category.

As expected, most of cards in the new pack are neutral, 45. Also there are nine categories in it, in each of them ten cards. Among the new categories – Warrior, Warlock, Rogue, Shaman, Priest, Paladin, Mage, Hunter and Druid.

Like in other similar card games, the main task of a gamer in Hearthstone is to collect his own card deck, which is replenished by purchasing sets of cards or receiving them as a reward. Matches between players are held in the format of playing cards. The main goal is to reduce the opponent’s health points to zero.


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