Explosive news: new Fortnite update 3.6 adds Clinger Grenade

Recently, Fortnite developers pleased the fans of the game with another update. Clinger Grenade is an important part of this update. This is a new type of explosive that you can attach to the objects of the environment for its destruction or to the enemies to kill them. This insidious kind of weapon is available both in Battle Royale and in the Save the World format. By the way, in the latter one another new weapon will be available – Noble Launcher, which will allow you to exterminate the enemies even more effectively.

In addition, the game has a few more changes. For example, short fences now will not prevent you from approaching the buildings. As for weapons, it should be noted that the minigun now shoots more accurately and causes even greater damage to the enemy, while his kickback has decreased noticeably. On the other hand, you will find explosives in treasure chests much less often.

Fortnite game

Now the tasks of the ninth week are available in the game. You will encounter both simple challenges and difficult ones. Among simple tasks – the destruction of the opponents’ buildings. Among difficult ones – the exploration of three stores. As for the tasks of the tenth week, some of them are available before their release. These include the search for treasure boxes in Fatal Fields and some others.

Despite the name, weekly challenges can be available for more than seven days. However, the tenth week is the last in the third season.

Regardless of whether you bought the Battle Pass for the third season or not, you can get some Battle Stars gratis – it will help you get a number of bonuses. The fact is that Epic Games have decided to give players some gifts to compensate for the recent problems with the server. In addition, the company removed a guided missile, which in the opinion of many players was a dubious addition.

As you probably know, Fortnite is currently in development. This is a game in the genre of survival with elements of a cooperative sandbox. The game process is conditionally divided into two parts: the construction of fortifications in the daytime and protection from monsters after sunset. As you understand, at night the weapon is of great importance.


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