True to life: new Overwatch Archives event lets you play a key story moment

Overwatch Archives is an event that takes place every season and allows game fans to experience various missions in a team of four people. The missions are based on important episodes in the game. The current mission in this sense will not be an exception.

Last year, this event was called Overwatch Uprising. Players were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of the game and go through the first mission. This time the event is called Overwatch Archives, and the mission in it will take place in the format “Player versus Environment”.

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The mission will take place in the Italian Venice. You have to become a part of Blackwatch group, which intends to capture one of the key characters of the game. In case of successful completion of the mission, you will be able to get more than a hundred valuable items from the past, as well as sixty new ones.

To give players an idea of ​​the mission, the developers released a familiarizing trailer. In it you can see how the main characters get into a certain building, after which they have to fight off their enemies and save their lives. During the game you can get costumes – you will have the opportunity to unlock them and use them in battles. Also, many other useful items and cosmetics will be available.

As in the past year, you can also take advantage of the recovery mode. You can choose one of the options: Story Mode or All Heroes. The first is based on the first story in King’s Row, it involves four gamers. The second is a one-person mission, in which you can choose any of four characters.

As you probably remember, recently the game Overwatch was the subject of a dispute in the project Versus, in which gamers compare two games from one category. This time, Overwatch was compared to the Rainbow Six Siege.

The main heroes of Overwatch are unique characters, possessing various amazing abilities, which they use in the fight against enemies. These abilities affect the style of each character’s actions. The pledge of team success is the correct and full use of these abilities. During the Overwatch Archives event, you will be able to try all of these abilities in action.


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