PUBG’s latest patch notes leak form Korean servers

There was a leak of new PUBG’s latest update that adds a new car, a new gun, and a ‘heap’ of weapon balance changes.

Today, the developers accidentally let the patch of the next major update leak, which will significantly change the balance of weapons in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and also some new content will be added to the game: weapons, devices, vehicles, etc.

There will also be a map selection function in the same patch. A complete list of future changes by mistake was prematurely published for the Korean community. The announcement was soon deleted, but users managed to save the patch and translate it into English.

What is new?

The main changes to PUBG’s latest update include:

  • A new sniper rifle FN FAL. Caliber 7.62. More powerful than SCS, but with a much higher jump.


  • A new car “Mirada”: four-seat sedan, which appears only in Miramar map. The fastest car in the game.
  • A helmet of the 3rd level, an extended magazine and a snap magazine for sniper rifles are off in Airdrop now. The syringe with adrenaline, on the contrary, now appears on the map (the time of its application is reduced from 8 to 6 seconds).

PUBG Military

  • The sight of 8X can no longer be placed on assault rifles. Attachments for assault rifles can now be used for snipers.
  • Added four new devices: three grips (in different proportions change the horizontal/vertical recoil and other parameters) and a barrel of a shotgun.
  • Added two new sights: 3X (fixed) and 6X (adjustable from 3X to 6X). Both can be found on the map. Color and aiming grid Red Dot, holographic and 2X sights can now be changed.
  • The weight of all grenades: frag grenade (12 ->18), smoke grenade (16 ->14), stun grenade (14 ->12) and Molotov cocktail (18 ->16).
  • The mechanics of swimming underwater was changed. The time spent underwater was shortened (from 35 to 15 seconds), the respiration recovery time was increased (from 1 to 4 seconds), the damage from lack of air was increased.
  • Increased recharge time and the assault rifles jump.
  • Altered damage of almost all weapons:

all weapons

  • Some areas of Miramar were again redone from scratch.

When will this update be installed on the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds servers?

There are no specific deadlines yet. However, the community manager PUBG Corp. confirmed the leak and promised soon to make an official announcement. “We had a problem with preparing the patch for presentation on one of our sites, and, apparently, it was quickly discovered and distributed over the network. This is not the latest version of the patch, but soon we will share it with you!”, said the representative of the company.


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