Sega: Shenmue re-releases were planned before third game reveal

Not so long ago, Sega announced that 2 games of the Shenmue series, which were released in 1999 and 2001, will be re-released for personal computers. As it became known this reissue was carefully planned within the company for several years.

As it turned out, the idea to revive the popular game series appeared before the launch of the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the release of the third franchise series. The excitement that arose around the release of the third series of Shenmue showed that there is a great demand for Japanese games in European and American markets. After this, the decision to reissue the first two series of this action-adventure game was finally made.


Discussions caused by the release of the third series helped developers get a better idea of ​​the demand for similar products. Thus, Sega got at its disposal all the necessary tools to promote the project as a whole, including the reissue of old games.

It seems that the release of new versions of the old series was inevitable. After all, the demand for Japanese games in the west is constantly growing. The success of such games as Bayonetta or, say, Valkyria Chronicles confirms this trend. Moreover, Sega thought about reissuing other popular games. A wish list of those titles that will be republished in the first place has already been created.

One of the first games from this list was Valkyria Chronicles, which was a huge success. First it went to the PC, then, to satisfy the growing demand, it was published for consoles. A similar fate awaits other suchlike games.

In general, in the Western countries a renewed interest in Japanese games published by Sega is observed. An ever wider audience is interested in them. Now the number of gamers who expect such releases, at times more than, say, 10 years ago.

This means that in the near future we will witness a real boom of reissued Japanese games. And the management of Sega does not hide that they are impatient to saturate the market with game products so desired in the West.


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