Siegfried’s glory: SoulCalibur 6’s newest character is a fan favorite

Another superhero, Siegfried, has appeared in the game SoulCalibur 6. And it seems that he is already the most popular among his colleagues. This is easy to understand: Siegfried masterfully wields his huge sword, he is charismatic and has an interesting prehistory. This is just the case when the hero is not only a good warrior, but also an interesting character who has deep emotional experiences and who fights not only with enemies, but also with himself.

In the story, Siegfried loses his friends, including another popular character, Nightmare. The hero wakes up in an unfamiliar place and painful memories begin to torment him. He remembers how he was enslaved by his own sword and lost his will. But the most painful thing for him is remembering how he killed his own father. He sincerely repents of his deed, he seeks redemption and is eager to free himself from obsession. However, real troubles await him ahead.

His thirst for redemption is transformed into a colossal rage. And he knows where to use his sizzling anger. He has a perfect sword and is ready to crush everyone in a ruthless battle.

His attacks are deadly, and opponents will have a hard time. They will have to keep defenses, and also ensure that Siegfried does not have a way to retreat. The fact is that if he manages to escape, then it will be difficult to catch him.


In addition to Siegfried, Bandai Namco plans to introduce a guest character, Geralt from Witcher 3 into the game. According to the developers, a lot of work has been done on the animation of the image. Game designers had the task to accurately recreate the image of a formidable warrior, taking into account the smallest details, including ammunition and weapons.

As in the previous series, the gameplay of SoulCalibur 6 is built on the confrontation of two armed fighters who combat in 3d reality. However, now players can enjoy the new battle mechanics, which allows you to defend against a counterattack, quickly make a counterattack, and create a slow effect.


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