Say Goodbye to Steam Spy: Steam’s new privacy update will apparently ruin Steam Spy

SteamSpy, a service that allows you to collect various statistics on the presented in Steam games. It can show, which projects were most often purchased, and therefore, you can estimate the volume of sales and popularity of titles. However, it seems, this is the end. As it can be seen, Steam’s new privacy update will apparently ruin Steam Spy.

What is happening?

Steam What is happening

As reported, Valve made significant changes in the privacy settings of the Steam service accounts. There is an ability to hide your list of games and the time spent in them added. By default, the view mode is “Only for friends”. It is clear that SteamSpy and other similar services “will not get through” from the outside to get data.

Valve has made changes to its privacy settings. Because of this, game, which Steam users own, are now hidden by default. SteamSpy relied on this information, which [previously] was visible by default; now [the service] will not be able to function.

On the conference GDC 2018, one of the representatives of Valve called SteamSpy a very useful tool for developers.

In addition, representatives of Valve said that they are also working on a new mode of “invisibility”, in which the user on the network will be displayed offline.

What is next?

SteamSpy What is next?

The founder of SteamSpy, gaming analyst and head of the publishing sector of Epic Games in Eastern Europe, Sergey Galyonkin believes that he will leave the site as an archive, as the resumption of work is not foreseen. Even if users themselves open access to their libraries, this is not enough to collect statistics.

However, he does not want to contact Valve, as the contracts between Steam and studios forbid them to share information about their products with third parties.

In this case, the games themselves will now by default be hidden from outsiders, which, in fact, puts an end to the further operation of the popular analytical service SteamSpy, the algorithms for collecting information based on access to user profiles and their lists of purchased games. In this regard, if Valve does not change the privacy settings, SteamSpy will no longer be able to calculate statistics with the same accuracy, even if users manually open access to libraries. It is weird but it seems that Steam’s new privacy update will apparently ruin Steam Spy.

Valve also noted that they are now working on an even more new mode of “invisibility” for user profiles. In this mode, the player for outsiders will be displayed as “offline”, but the main functionality of the client will be available, in particular, you can send messages through the Steam account in the usual way.


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