Feel like a God in The Universim


Building the world

Although this game, developed for PC and MAC, belongs to the genre of sandbox, you will have to do something more than just to construct. You are the ruler of the world; your task is to control the destiny of mankind. You have to develop cities, introduce new technologies, and organize military campaigns. The game is not limited to one planet: you have the opportunity to colonize other celestial bodies. An interesting feature of the game – the city-planet, which you can found during the development of outer space.

The player will determine the vectors of the development of society, rather than build individual buildings. In his power to prevent global disasters, and even the complete destruction of the planet. During the colonization of space gamers will face various problems: low or high temperatures, the absence of atmospheres on the planets, water shortages, etc.



The Universim: Scale

At the moment, The Universim is one of the most grandiose simulator of the Creator.

Starting with the management of a small city, you will be able to develop a civilization and master the flights to the outer space. During the development of space expanses and the colonization of new lands, you will need to take into account and control everything to the smallest detail.

The game is quite diverse, because the terrain on which you will develop civilization will be created in a casual, unique way. Each time, specific climatic conditions will be created on the planet. Weather and natural disasters can be very unpredictable.

At the very beginning of the game you will need to teach people how to get fire. This fundamental discovery will become the basis of the future civilization. Each new innovation will raise humanity to a new level of development.


The Art of Universim

During the game, your main task is to lead the development of humanity, directing it and helping it. You can initiate military conflicts, which can both lead to decay, and give impetus for further development.

For humanity to flourish, pay more attention to science. New technologies, discoveries in medicine will allow to save people from epidemics in the future. By developing the sphere of education, you will give to mankind genius scientists who will make life on the planet more pleasant and safer. Govern wisely – and your people will be happy and grateful.


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