Great news for all fans! Warcraft 3’s latest patch on your widescreen monitor

Blizzard Entertainment has added a new patch to Warcraft III – 1.29. The last time the legendary game received updates about a year ago, and this summer Warcraft III will be neither more nor less than 16 years.

Warcraft 3’s latest patch lets you fully enjoy the game on your widescreen monitor. Also, “Snowstorm” continues to fix bugs in the already seemingly well-known length and breadth of the game, as well as make some balanced changes in the parameters of the characters and gameplay.

Warcraft 3

The tournament tables were also dropped, and Blizzard stated that automatic tournaments would be returned next week. They also warned that this would be the latest version of Warcraft 3, which will be supported by Windows XP. Game repetitions are incompatible in different “major versions of the game.” These are partly good news; it means that soon more updates will be released.

After the news about Warcraft 3’s latest patch, some problems occur. The update has some shortcomings, including some non-working functions, and an incorrect change in resolution when switching between windowed and full-screen modes. Some Reddit users and Blizzard forums also complain about this. But overall, the reviews were very positive. There are also some tips for people who have problems installing the patch.

There are a lot of small improvements in the patch: for example, the damage and area of ​​the Thunder Clap’s impact, have been increased, and the mana cost of the Carrion Swarm has been reduced. You can go to to learn more.

Real-time strategy Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was released on July 3, 2002, and immediately won the popularity of gamers around the world. Exactly one year later, the only addition to Warcraft III was The Frozen Throne, which allowed creating large-scale user maps. Among others, from the custom modifications, the Defense of the Ancients game was born, better known among gamers under the reduction of DotA.



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