News in the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth coming this summer

A major developer of computer games, the company Blizzard, announced that the release of the long-awaited expansion to the game World of Warcraft is scheduled for August 14. In addition, the game will also receive an update, which will be a kind of transition to a new product. It will add more quests to the game and make it even more exciting.

Good news: although you will have to wait until the Battle for Azeroth is released, you can pre-order it right now. Gamers who buy the game on a prepayment will receive a lot of bonuses. For example, they will receive an instant and significant improvement in the characteristics of the heroes, which will provide them with a great advantage on other players and will allow them to achieve more convincing victories.

Azeroth Teldrassil Wow

It is also worth knowing that four new races will appear on the battlefield. If you get an upgrade due to preorder, you will automatically receive a set of powerful weapons. But this upgrade does not provide you with armor.

You can purchase both a standard edition for $50, and a premium one – for $70. In both cases you will get an upgrade of the hero. But when buying a luxury edition, you can count on many other bonuses. If this is not enough for you, then you should wait for the collection edition, which will be announced later.

In addition to new races, in Battle for Azeroth, developers have added many innovations. You will have more opportunities to customize the characters. For example, orcs can get rid of humpbacks.

The terrain, on which the battles will take place has also undergone changes and expansion. New dungeons were added, as well as a set of artifacts was expanded.

Also, you can try out new game modes that will open up new opportunities for you and will provide a new experience.

The game begins immediately after the events that took place in Legion. After the end of the war, the opposing forces failed to maintain peace, they just could not forgive each other the damage caused. That is why, a new war began. Prepare for battle!


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