Top action adventure games

The Legend of Zelda

The gameplay in the series – which, in fact, took the third place in the Guinness Book of Records – is a complex combination of elements of arcade, role-playing game, quest, puzzle and, sometimes, platformer and autosimulator. The events take place in the fictional world of Hyrule. This world is inhabited by a very diverse public: people, humanoids and animal-like intelligent beings. And the main task of the heroes usually is to protecting the Artifact from the villains.pict The Legend of Zelda

Another World

This series of action adventure games was released several times, and each release was a great success. The protagonist of the game is the brilliant physicist Leicester Knight Chaikin. The scientist put a complex experiment, and, as a result of an unhappy accident, an unexpected reaction occurred. As a result, the experimenter found himself on a hostile planet, where he was exposed to many dangers.

Batman: Arkham Asylumphoto Batman: Arkham Asylum

As you understand, the game is inspired by the famous comic book about the superhero. Events unfold in the hospital, where Batman brings the Joker. The game process can be divided into three types: world research, beat ’em up and stealth. In the first case, the hero moves through the territory of the hospital, solving puzzles and making his way to the desired place with the help of his gadgets. In the case of an open confrontation with patients, the game goes into the mode of ‘beat’ em up.

Red Dead Redemption

In this third-person adventure thriller-western with an open world and elements of RPG, the “circular selector” was first used to select weapons. It allows the player to select a weapon much faster. The weapon in the wild west, as you understand, is a necessary condition for survival. In addition to the arsenal that the protagonist can carry with him, the game has a stationary weapon that can be found in some missions.

Little Big Adventure

Talking about action adventure games, you should mention the game Little Big Adventure. The events in the game take place on the weird planet Twinsun, and the name of the main character is Twinsen. The game is developed in a pseudo-three-dimensional isometric perspective. Location is divided into numerous scenes located on eleven islands. The player is free to move in this vast world.


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