Overwatch’s new hero Brigitte

Blizzard introduced Overwatch’s new hero Brigitte. Her name is Brigitte Lindholm, and she is the daughter of engineer Torbjörn Lindholm.

New hero Brigitte

The company Blizzard finally officially presented the new 27th character in Overwatch. Her name is Brigitte Lindholm and she is the daughter of an outstanding engineer Torbjörn Lindholm. The girl went in the footsteps of her father and became a mechanic by profession and a fighter of support by vocation.

Overwatch Brigitte new hero

Blizzard published a video in which they told a short story of the heroine. Overwatch’s new hero Brigitte – the character of support and armor, this is her main specialization. The girl is armed with a chain, capable of inflicting damage to several opponents and simultaneously treating allies. The young defender still has a shield protecting members of the team with the energy barrier it creates.

“Strengthening” of Brigitta makes her faster for a while – and when the mechanic girl moves at an accelerated pace, the nearby allies receive additional armor.

You could already see the newcomer earlier: the girl appeared in the short film “Honor and Glory”. As the biography of the character says, Brigitte is the youngest daughter of Torbjörn. But if the father is famous for creating weapons, then Brigitte prefers to forge armor and design defensive systems. In addition, Brigitte is close to Reinhardt. Knight of the future – her godfather, the girl rolls around him in the light as a squire.

Brigitte screen

The plot details are reflected in Brigitte’s abilities as a game hero. Formally, it belongs to the support class, but in reality it is such a hybrid. Brigitte swings a missile chain and can beat several opponents in one stroke. The chain also stretches and hits the target in the distance, dealing damage and discarding it. Using the passive skill “Vigor” that is associated with the weapon – each successful stroke with a chain heals nearby companions.

overwatch screen new character

Brigitte distributes repair kits to the allies – they restore health, and the excess part of the treatment is converted into additional armor. Finally, the girl carries a shield resembling Reinhardt’s shield, but it is smaller and less sturdy. But with the shield raised, Brigitte is able to make a small leap forward, which stuns the enemies.

Brigitte has already been tested on a test server for the PC and is now available on all platforms.



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