If you are playing games on Android devices, you are provided with a variety of exciting features to unlock. All you have to do is to take a look at those features and go ahead with them. For example, you will even be able to enter cheat codes on the Android games that you play. Form this article, we will guide you on how to enter cheat codes for Android games. Then any person who is playing Android games will be able to understand the trick and move forward with it to receive outstanding returns.

How to insert cheat codes in Android games?

There is no default or an in-built feature available in Android, which allows you to enter the cheat codes into the game. You will need to get the job done with the assistance of a third party tool. A variety of such third party tools available for the people to get an Android game keyboard. Out of those tools, GameCIH has received lots of attention.

GameCIH is a trusted third party application, which can introduce a keyboard to your gameplay screen. Then you will be able to use it and start playing games on the Android device. Whenever you want to enter a cheat code, GameCIH will provide you with the chance to get the job done. Using GameCIH is simple as that and you don’t need to worry about anything.


However, it is important to understand that you should have a rooted device to start using this Android game keyboard. If you have already rooted your device, you can follow these steps and you can get the opportunity to enter cheat codes on the games that you are playing on your Android device.

How to enter cheat codes for Android games?

Here is a step by step guide, which you can follow in order to learn how to enter cheat codes on the games that you play. When you are following a step by step guide, you will find it as an easy task to stick to the basics and get the job done. That’s the main reason why we thought of introducing such a step by step guide to you.

  1. Install GameCIH

To begin with, you need to get hold of the GameCIH APK file. You can easily download the APK file from the internet. You can either download the APK file directly from your mobile phone, or else, you can download it from the computer and then copy to your device. You can also copy the APK file to your internal phone memory or the SD card that you have inserted to the Android device. Then you can locate the file from your file explorer. By tapping on the APK file, you can allow GameCIH installer to run. Then you will be able to run the installer and get your app installed without any hassle. The steps you should follow to install GameCIH is pretty much similar to the steps that need to be followed when installing any other app on your device as well.

  • Open GameCIH

Now you have successfully installed the GameCIH app on your device. Then you can go ahead and open the app. After you open, you will be asked to assign a key, which will pop up the keyboard for you to enter the cheat code. In here, you can enter any physical key that you have in the device, instead of power key. In most of the instances, people select the volume up key or the volume down key.

  • Open the game

Now you have done all basic configurations needed with GameCIH. Therefore, you can proceed to the next stage and open the game that you want to cheat. Before that, you need to make sure that the game can be cheated. In other words, cheat codes should be available for the specific game that you open. Along with that, you should also keep the cheat codes by your side.

  • Keep on playing the game and hit the physical button when needed

Now you can launch the game and keep on playing the game. Once you come to the situation where you need to enter the cheat codes, you can simply pause the game and hit on the hotkey button that you have defined in step number 2. This will provide you with the keyboard, where you can enter the cheat codes.

  • Enter the cheat code

As soon as you press on the physical button, you will notice that the game is being paused. Then you can simply enter the cheat code. Since you have the cheat codes by your side, entering the cheat codes will not be a big hassle for you. After successfully entering the cheat code, you can hit enter again. This will make sure that the cheat code is applied on the game instantly. Therefore, you will be able to see how the gameplay is getting changed based on the cheat code that you enter.

These are all the steps that you will have to follow in order to enter the cheat codes on your Android device at the time of playing games. As you can see, any person will be able to go through these steps on his own and get the job done. All you need to do is to make sure that you have access to an Android device. Then you can get the most out of your Android gaming experiences.

Most of the games that are available for the Android gamers to play in today’s world come with cheat code support. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to get GameCIH installed on your Android dev ice and playing these games. You will love the experience that these games can deliver to you with cheat code support.


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