Legend of Zelda Walkthrough to Guide You Through Zelda Universe

What’s this Zelda fuzz is all about?

Hardly any of the new generation gamers who were introduced to video gaming only recently played the original Legend of Zelda game. Indeed, with the Next-Gen gaming consoles, powerful PCs and modern action or RPG games with stunning visuals around a simple 2D side-scroller released in 1986 may look archaic. Why do we need a Legend of Zelda walkthrough, anyway? “Heck, even Android arcade games today are more graphically advanced!” – one may exclaim. However, do not judge the book by its cover. The Legend of Zelda stands out against many games of that time for its innovative combination of adventure, action and role-playing approaches in the gameplay.

This very well balanced mixture of genres is one of the aspects that made the series so popular and gave birth to many sequels. One of which was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the first 3D game in the series that set standards for camera view, mechanics and many gameplay features for nearly all modern third person games.

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For those venturing into Zelda dungeons for the first time a Legend of Zelda Walkthrough will definitely come in handy

Legend of Zelda

The first Legend of Zelda was a tremendous success not only because it incorporated elements of different genres but due to its big explorable world. In the vast virtual world of Zelda, there are nine underground dungeons each with a unique design. The dungeons are constructed in a maze-like manner and consist of many rooms divided with walls and doors and connected with many secret passages and unique monster guardians. To complete the game you need to get Link, the playable character, through all the dungeons and retrieve the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom artifact and save the eponymous princess Zelda located in the ninth dungeon. Though, it is navigating successfully through the above-ground part of the Zelda world that connects the dungeons and collecting various useful items and power-ups that affects your progress in defeating the dungeon monsters. And this is exactly what you need a Legend of Zelda walkthrough for.

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In addition, there are many caves, in which you can pick up items and in-game money to buy arms, healing potions, and other items to enhance your abilities and powers.

Some dungeons are very hard to complete without items found in the previous ones. Thus, with your progress through the game the importance of visiting caves and collecting items increases. A Legend of Zelda walkthrough is a great aid to show you caves hidden behind trees, rocks and other obstacles.


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