The best mobile games: android owners’ guide

Mushroom 11

Do you want to feel yourself a mushroom-like creature struggling to survive in difficult circumstances? Then this game is made for you. It will especially please those who are tired of the patterned characters, typical stories and recognizable realities. The action takes place on the post-apocalyptic planet, where, due to a global catastrophe, all forms of life died out. More precisely, only one remained, the most bizarre and able to survive in the most severe conditions. You have to control the representative of this form of life, a mushroom.
Mushroom 11


This game allows you to feel yourself in the king’s shoes and realize that the most important is not new victories, but balance within the state. You will constantly need to make crucial decisions for the country to maintain the status quo between the four components of society: the population, the treasury, the army and the spiritual community. The adviser will help you in this, but still the monarch makes the final decision. The kingdom falls into decay whenever one of the four components of the society acquires a strong advantage, or, on the contrary, degrades.

The Room

In the review entitled ‘The best mobile games: android owners’ guide’, it would be unfair not to mention this game. It is considered one of the most exciting puzzles, regardless of platform. At the beginning of the game you are told a mysterious story about the box, which is located in one of the rooms of the house. You need to solve a few puzzles to find notes from the character that has already passed this way. The more puzzles you solve, the closer to the mystery of the mysterious room you approach. The goal of the game is to collect all the unraveled secrets and make up a key symbol from them.

80 Days

Unlike the famous eponymous book, in this adventure game you yourself are able to decide, where a couple of desperate travelers will go to and how the story will develop further. In addition, it is a kind of steampunk version of the Jules Verne’s novel. There are robots, submarines, balloons, airships, high-speed trains and even teleporters in the game. Moreover, the world map differs from the usual one very much. Wherever you go, you will have interesting meetings and dialogues. Everywhere you can find additional information that will help you choose a route or will be useful in the way. When choosing a route, you must take into account the travel time, the time of departure, the tickets’ cost, the state of Mr. Fogg, who may simply not survive the roads.


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