10 best arcade games for android

Nowadays, you should not search for quarters to play good arcade games. These highly-addictive, challenging and fun time-killers can be on your smartphone. Here is the list of top 10 arcade games for Android so you do not need to look anywhere else. Read descriptions, download games and have fun playing them.

1. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based arcade where you can jump, fly and also flip the gravity. You control a customizable character with one touch only, but it is not that easy. This game is fast-paced so you need to use all your skills and reaction to complete each stage. Unique soundtracks will help you to pass through colorful traps and obstacles. You can even create your own levels and share them with your friends.

Geometry Dash

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2.  Jewels Legend – Match 3 Puzzle

Jewels Legend is a well-built match 3 arcade game. But you will find a bit of challenge behind its simple rules. The game will reward you with special effects for crushing lines of 4 and more single-colored tiles. You can enjoy the fun as long as you want without time limit for each level. Compete with your Facebook friends for getting jewel stars and unlocking castles. A game is free and has in-app purchases.

Jewels Legend - Match 3 Puzzle

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3.  InseAqurium Deluxe – Feed Fishes! Fight Aliens!

InseAqurium breaks stereotypes that games about fish are boring. You do not only feed fish, but also keep them safe from bloodthirsty aliens. You can hatch eggs to get sea creatures with special abilities and upgrade alien blasters. This game is free and will keep you on your phone for many hours of fun.

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4.  Vector Full

Break free from the totalitarian regime in a cool way. Vector Full features an exceptional Parkour animation on more than 40 exciting levels. Run, climb, jump and slide as fast as you can or “Big Brother” will capture you. This game costs less than $1 but brings many hours of ninja-style fun.

Vector Full

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5.  Granny Smith

Another spectacular paid game is about a diehard granny who protects her garden at all costs. You should help Granny Smith to collect all the apples before the thief does. And you will not just run you will roller-skate for 60 amazing levels. Equip your granny with different power-ups to crash through barns, greenhouses and even concrete walls. Make that thief forget about his dirty deeds.

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6.  Peace, Death!

If you are tired of conventional arcades, “Peace, Death” is what you need. The main character of the game is the Reaper who works for the Death itself. So you can decide the destiny of the dead souls and send them to heaven or hell. It is a must-have if you like grim humor and want to see some fresh ideas in gaming while listening to cool soundtrack.

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7.  Run Sausage Run!

Can a sausage run? Of course, it can if you are playing this android game. And if you do not want to get chopped, smashed or even burned you should run at the speed of light. All kinds of traps and obstacles are waiting for you. Especially for gourmets developers made a choice between different kinds of sausages and other running snacks.

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8.  Sledge – snow mountain slide

What can beat the mountain sliding experience on the winter activities list? Only the fact that now you can practice it on your Android device inside a warm room. Sled down well-built 3D hills and through forests, and stay away from cracks and rolling snowballs. You also can compete for the longest sliding distance with thousands of players.

Sledge - snow mountain slide

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9.  Snake VS Block

We all love and appreciate a good old Snake game. But Snake VS Block makes it even more fun and challenging. Now you need to break through blocks with a number that corresponds to your snake. Controls are smooth and easy but high scores require some skill.

Download on Google Play

10. Rider

In Rider, you need to perform awesome stunts on the Tron style motorbike. Game pleases with its 32 colorful levels and more than 40 different motorcycles. Download the game and push your flipping skills to the limit.


Download on Google Play


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