Review of top iOS games: the best 5


Now many leading developers create or adapt games for mobile devices. This is a big trend in the gaming industry. iPhone and iPad are good because, on the one hand, they are more mobile than computers, on the other, do not require a special console. You can enjoy your favorite game using a universal gadget, which is always with you. Fortunately, there are a lot of games that are adapted for this. We tried to choose the best ones in our Top iOS games: the best 5.


Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

The game is characterized by high quality performance and attention to detail. The adventure story of two brothers, who went for an elixir for a sick father, is full of landscapes and characters from Scandinavian mythology. Gameplay of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is also very peculiar – you have to control two heroes at the same time, which is quite unusual.


Assassin’s Creed Identity

In the Ubisoft studio they has long been aware of the need to adapt this stealth-action for mobile devices, but this idea was realized only recently. Assassin’s Creed Identity provides the player with a freedom of movement, the choice of four characters with different skills, an intriguing storyline.


Framed 2

This is the continuation of the spyware noir comics, where the player at each level moves story scenes at will in order to make a completely logical and correct passage scenario. In the second part, the developers, in addition to new tasks, corrected past mistakes, and also improved the gameplay.


The Room Three

Developers added a serious storyline in the third part of the legendary game series from the studio Fireproof Games. The events taking place in the game add excitement to the process of solving hundreds of complicated puzzles. Drawing, soundtrack – everything remained at the highest level. Thanks to this, you are immersed in The Room Three even deeper.


Do not Starve: Pocket Edition

What will happen if you bring in a hard (from the point of view of gameplay) survival game a note of comicness, a little naivety and a pretty funny graphics? It will be something like Do not Starve, in which the character has to survive in quite difficult conditions. Despite the harsh genre the game is not dramatic, but rather even fun. We added this game to our list “Top iOS games: the best 5” because of quite an unusual approach.


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