New card game from Valve


Valve, an American computer game developer and creator of the world-famous moba Dota 2, on the second day of the main event, The International 2017, presented a trailer for a new project called Artifact.

Artifact Dota Card



Card game based on Dota 2

This year at the main international championship for Dota 2, The International 2017, the company Valve announced the imminent release of a new game for the PC: Artifact. This became great news for game lovers, because it goes into a completely new format.


Artifact is a card game based on Dota 2. According to preliminary information, the action will take place on three game boards (similar to lines), in which players will place their heroes represented by cards. Items can give bonus health, armor or damage, and also grant heroes other abilities. They do not disappear if the hero dies.

In the game there will be two types of resources — gold and mana. Gold will be common for all the heroes of the player, however each line will have its own mana scale. Gold is needed solely for the purchase of artifacts. Apparently, players will be able to create special decks, which will be “sharpened” for a fast gold medal.

The appearance of the game is not final. Participants in closed testing, including the author of PC Gamer, sent Valve letters with suggestions on how to improve the visual part with three screens for the convenience of players.

Artifact Dota Card 2


The average duration of a match is about 12 minutes, but the developers continue to experiment with the timer. Author PC Gamer admitted that his first match ended very quickly, and the second was too long. Tournament games were also very long, because each line accumulated 10 mana.

At this point in the deck can be up to three identical cards. Cards can be changed or sold on the Steam Market. Gameplay Artifact: The Dota Card Game, has not yet been presented to the public by the company Valve, and it is not known when it will be shown. But the very idea of ​​moving MOBA to the plane of cards sounds interesting. So until new information will have to be content with a teaser from the tournament.


At the moment, there are already other popular games in this area: Hearthstone, Gwent, etc. The first is the most popular, which are major online and LAN tournaments.

Valve is very fond of promoting their projects through major tournaments, so it’s possible that Artifact will begin its development in this way. The game for the PS will be paid, but additional purchases do not foresee, the main currency in the game will be gold.

Artifact tentatively will be released in late 2018. Before this, there will definitely be closed and open beta testing. The creators of the game did not call exact dates. Versions for Win, Mac and Linux will be released simultaneously at the end of 2018. The mobile version for iOS and Android will appear in 2019.


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