BioMutant – Action-RPG from the novice Experiment 101

At Gamescom 2017, THQ Nordic announced the post-apocalyptic action-RPG BioMutant, whose main character will be a raccoon-like creature. Game was the most curious among the presented three and at the same time one of the main announcements. So we could not pass by and not talk about the expected RPG.



What the player receives in the Biomutant

The protagonist of the game — a mutant, like a fox or a raccoon. At the beginning, you will be asked to create your own version of fluffy animal in the editor — you can define the fur color, add fangs and make the hero the way you want. In other inhabitants of post-apocalyptic forests, both in allies and in enemies — the most diverse beasts are also guessed.


The main action occurs among mixed forests: palm trees, pine trees and characteristic tropical vegetation are abundant. But from time to time, for the sake of diversity, the hero will be thrown into the polar cold, scorched desert or to the Asian cities of one-story buildings. Developers say a huge seamless world, through which you can freely move, attaching a hero, for example, wooden wings or jet engines.

The main thing that developers pay attention to is the system of karma “Yin-Yang”. Whatever you do, whatever decisions you make – they all affect karma by swinging its meaning in one direction or another. In key situations there will always be three answers or actions that will turn you into an evil or good hero of this tale. With the help of the karma system, the player will establish relations with local tribes. Each of the six tribes of mutant animals has a leader with its own level of karma. We need to find a special approach to it. All this in the end will affect the ending.

biomutant game


The combat system is not the most ingenious, but it allows you to switch between near and far-range combat and strenuously tries to reproduce the elements of real martial arts. Most often — kung fu. Slow-mo-inserts are good for the gameplay.

Various combined strokes, jumps, jerks and other attributes of the slasher will be available. But most importantly – the mutation of the character (the points of mutation accumulate through the collection of green spheres falling out of defeated enemies). The hero will be able to learn to shoot lightning, burn enemies with flames or turn them into ice statues.


The game will be released in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. So the players have to wait not so long.



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