Dying Light 2: Review of the New Features and Options


Thousands of fans of Dying Light zombie apocalypses are now having a great reason to celebrate:  Dying Light 3 is going to be soon launched for both PC and PS4 gamers! The new game will amaze its users with outstanding graphics, awesome background music and plenty of new extended options.



What’s Up New at Dying Light 2?

First, the developers paid extra attention for the game’s context. Now, the gamers will be able to complete numerous missions to make the world a little bit better. The fans are likely to have bright combats, skilled fights and just enjoy the colorful zombie environment. One of the examples of mission will be helping to get back the source of running water. Not to mention, saving the city from the total ruin and collapse remains to be the most valuable message.


Second, killing zombies can now be even more diverse. You can easily perform various new stunts and kill the corps with ease. Now the main hero is feeling free to use ropes swings, slide under the fences and jump on the city’s rooftops with ease. All in all, the first game’s mechanics was improved, offering new incredible options for movement.

Third, Dying Light 2 was updated and made more suitable for PS4 players. The game’s management was significantly optimized according to the reviews of the first part’s players. Since it is parkour game, the developers focused on the player’s movements, making them smoother and more varied. Furthermore, the players are likely to get more freedom and make decisions for some game’s key moments by themselves.



Forth, the background environment is also improved. The game’s design is likely to be more detailed, providing an extremely live experience for its players. Dying Light 2 gamers will have a long walk in different European cities that were damaged by zombies. Urban scenes and bright characters will be definitely enjoyed by thousands of players.

The sequel is likely to be the same brutal and adventurous, as Dying Light. Moreover, the game will please it fans with a 4 times larger durability.

The game will be completely launched in 2019 for both PC and PS4 users.


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