Lumines Remastered on PC

Earlier today, Nintendo held a showcase for some of the flagship indies that came to Switch this year. Among them was Lumines Remastered, a new and improved version of the 2004 PSP name.

Lumines on PC

This original version has ended with the release for the entire line of platforms, including the PC. The good news is that the Lumines Remastered is coming to PC already in May!

Lumines Remastered

It’s hard to say what would be improved or changed in this remaster if anything, although 4K support is confirmed. It is released in May on Steam, although a specific date has not yet been announced. If you want to test the series before, the original game it is available on Steam right now.

If you are not familiar with Lumines, this is a musical puzzle game that looks like a variation of Tetris. This is a game with a lock, there you will combine the blocks according to their color, although you will also need to pay attention to the music.

Lumines Remastered Screen

Recognized by the critics, music puzzle Lumines from the Japanese game designer Tetsui Mizuhuti will be released in May 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

An announcement of Lumines Remastered took place at the Nindies Showcase Spring 2018. That was stated in the evening, and soon after its completion, the publishers confirmed the versions for other systems.

rhythmic puzzle game

The original Lumines was released in 2004 and for several years remained the project with the highest average score on the PlayStation Portable. Lumines Remastered coming to PC in May is an HD-remake of this game.

“The rattling mix of light, sound, and tense puzzles make this project a memorable adventure as if you are playing alone, as well as playing with a friend within a local multiplayer game,” – stated in the game description.





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